Urgent Appeal for Donations

Good morning all. So Mum and I spent last night labelling, embellishing and sorting through every single item of clothing, blankets and cribs; hats, teddies and butterflies. We’ve managed to fill some boxes 🙌🏻 but not the 10 quota that Id predicted. 

Having now seen in full what we have, the following items are needed in order for us to complete the full 10 boxes requested from our mortuaries, funeral directors and hospitals:
* Gowns – from 24 weeks in all colours and especially those suitable for boys 
                – pre 24 weeks in whites, purple and greens 
* Pockets – sizes 8×4 and 11×5.5 inches in whites, purple and greens
                  – sizes 14×7 and 19×9 inches in all colours 
* Cocoons and Wraps – from 24 to 37 weeks 
* Blankets – A4 sized in pastels and whites 
                  – A3 sized in whites only for St George’s Memory Boxes – desperate as none left 
* Teddies – matching pairs in any colours for St George’s Memory Boxes – desperate as none left 
* Cribs – all colours and styles 
             – desperate for white ONLY 
*Please note that we now have none of the above left as all received has been boxed up*

* Hats – we have lots and lots of tiny hats and currently no keepsake bag requests left to fill 
* Butterflies – we have surplus butterflies and currently no keepsake bag requests left to fill 
Please note that we will still accept in the above but they will be sat in storage until additional requests for them arrive in from the hospitals and direct from parents (something that we need to work on advertising) 

All patterns for the above can be found HERE
Our helpful guide with size charts, colours, materials, Q&A can be found HERE 
Our postal address is P.O. Box 1302, Crawley RH10 0NU

If you have any questions at all, please email at enquiries@uponbutterflywings.org.uk or contact us via our Facebook page

If you would like to join our private Facebook volunteers group, please search ‘UBW Volunteers ‘ 

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