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Introducing our Emergency Butterfly Pack

INTRODUCING our Emergency Butterfly Packs

Designed for parents who know their baby is going to be born sleeping or who need their baby wrapped with love before burial or cremation.

Each pack includes:

  • an item of clothing and a blanket or wrap/pocket and a crib as shown in the photos below *colours and items will differ depending on stock and age of baby* 
  • a teddy to stay with the baby
  • a butterfly to stay with the parents
  • a tea light
  • a non religious poem
  • an angel keyring. 

Packs are available from as early as 8 weeks gestation through to 34 weeks gestation. Twin and multiple packs are also lovingly made.

Each pack is FREE with a £5.00 donation requested to cover the P&P costs.

To order a pack please email us at

Bobbys Beanies Keepsake Bags

Do you know that as well as donating items to hospitals and bereavement services, we also provide personalised Keepsake Bags.

These are for parents, siblings and grandparents and are FREE.

All we ask is £2 to cover the postal cost.

To order yours, please visit our shop.

*PP will be more for outside the U.K.

Neonatal Traffic Light Hats

We have had our first traffic light hats donated.

If you are interested in making some hats for the Neonatal units and Birthing Units, they are used in the following way:

  • Green: are put on babies that are born healthy and are a good weight. Babies with green hats keep them on for six hours. 
  • Orange/Yellow: are worn by babies that require a little bit more attention, maybe because they were born early or are small. Orange hats should be worn for 12 hours. 
  • Red: are worn by babies that are more at risk, maybe of infection and the red indicates that the baby should wear a hat for the first 12 hours of its life and then should be re-assessed after this time to see if they should be kept warm for longer. 

The colours can be made as shown as above; white hat with Pom Pom or as a block colour throughout the whole hat.

Sizes used are between 24 weeks gestation to newborn (hat chart shown) 

We have a couple of hospitals in need, so boxes will be quick to go out.

Operation News

Good afternoon all. As you can probably see, I’ve been getting back into it and not done too bad today if I do say so myself.

It is now week three post op and I am official half way to having the brace off.

I.can.not.wait! #understatement!

I still have another six boxes of donations to go through which I’ll be doing tomorrow now as my Little Miss and the other half are due home any moment.

I’ve been signed off for another three weeks so things will now be getting done and back on track.

If Mum agrees (not asked her yet) we may even be able to get some boxes together to post out on Friday!

Thank you so much for all of your donations and support and patience’s over the past three weeks.

I’ve needed the time away but most def feeling ready to slowly get back into it

July Challenge – Butterflies

As you are probably aware by now, my son Bobby was born sleeping on the 3rd of July.

What you might not know is that my birthday is on the 9th.

I have always associated Bobby with a white butterfly. The reasoning behind this is because a day or so after he died, I was sat at home alone in my front room staring into space and out of no where, a white butterfly came up to the window. This happened every day for a few days.

Not everyone believes in signs but it was a comfort for me at the time. Of course we all know of the transition process that a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. This can be compared a part of the grief process.

How often have you read or heard a Mother say ‘when I look back at photos before my child died, I no longer recognise that person’. Having your child die forever changes you on all levels. Anyway, I digress.

July’s challenge is of course Butterflies. We are currently sending lemon and white butterfly pins to Lincoln for their Baby Loss Awareness Week drive and we also use them in our Keepsake bags. You could add a butterfly on as an embellishment to a piece of clothing or make a butterfly shaped garment … the choice is yours!

If you are on Instagram, please # us in to your make at #UBWchallenge

*Im aware June’s still need uploading. It’s the first day with no painkillers today following my op last week, so I’m praying that’s a good sign of things to come (I’ve been signed off work for 4 weeks)

Bobby’s 9th Birthday

Happy 9th Birthday my Son.

I’m sorry I’ve not been able to attend your grave to give you your balloon but we will still blow out your candle and I shall spend all day thinking of you and what should have been …

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched, but are felt in the heart.” – Helen Keller