Neonatal Traffic Light Hats

We have had our first traffic light hats donated.

If you are interested in making some hats for the Neonatal units and Birthing Units, they are used in the following way:

  • Green: are put on babies that are born healthy and are a good weight. Babies with green hats keep them on for six hours. 
  • Orange/Yellow: are worn by babies that require a little bit more attention, maybe because they were born early or are small. Orange hats should be worn for 12 hours. 
  • Red: are worn by babies that are more at risk, maybe of infection and the red indicates that the baby should wear a hat for the first 12 hours of its life and then should be re-assessed after this time to see if they should be kept warm for longer. 

The colours can be made as shown as above; white hat with Pom Pom or as a block colour throughout the whole hat.

Sizes used are between 24 weeks gestation to newborn (hat chart shown) 

We have a couple of hospitals in need, so boxes will be quick to go out.

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