Donation Made – Beyond Bea Charity

A few weeks back, we donated a small selection of clothing and wraps (including crib, blankets and hats) in a range of sizes to Beyond Bea Charity, who provide health professionals, doctors, midwives and students with FREE training days across the U.K.

These training days cover the subject of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, medical termination and neonatal death.

They discuss issues surrounding care of families in all these circumstances including delivering bad news, physical and emotional care of women and the care of babies that have passed away, as well as memory making. The day also incorporates research related to all the above and printed resources.

By donating our clothing to be used in these training days, it helps those taking part to see first hand how a baby should be dressed, that it is possible to present even the smallest baby in a comforting way and how much of a difference it makes.

The photo shown is of a dolly sized at 20 weeks, although the features differ to that of a real baby at this gestation.

You can see all of Beyond Bea’s pre 24 week dolls dressed in our items on their website

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