Wave of Light 2018

36418868_1756580257724546_8232857535065882624_nOctober is a special month in the baby loss world; for it is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

The 9th to 15th October is our Awareness Week with the week finishing on the international Wave of Light which takes place at 7pm local time, on the 15th.

The idea behind Wave of Light is that if everyone around the world, lights a candle at 7pm local time, a wave of light will cover the world over.

It is free to join in and many charities and organisations hold local events in order to bring parents and families together to remember their babies.

For us here at UBW, we are very happy to be working with SANDS by selling their official enamel awareness pin. These pins can be bought via our shop. We also have our own special knitted ribbons to sell too.

During Pregnancy and Awareness Week, my daughter and I put together and ‘hid’ some random act of kindness packs, which included a chocolate with each pack dedicated to a baby sadly missed by their family.

My daughter who is 4, really enjoyed hiding them around our local area and was very excited when we had a  peak to find that most had been taken. I think its fair to say that we will be doing it again next year too 🙂