Bobbys 10th Birthday RAOK

Hello everyone.

It will soon be 10 years since my son Bobby was born sleeping on the 3rd of July 2009.

10 YEARS ago. Where has the time gone.

I have been trying to think of ways to mark this day since last year but nothing practical sprung to mind or felt right.

Until I realised that good has always come out of his death. In the early days I used to help run a loss board, I’ve supported friends, helped launch an organisation and of course, Upon Butterfly Wings; so what better way to mark his day then to carry out a Random Act of Kindness into the communities around the UK.

To mark Bobbys 10th angelversary, I will be hiding a number of purple crochet and knitted butterflies around the Sussex area in the lead up to the 3rd of July.

To make this ROAK even more special, we will also be involving my two dear friends Lauren and Katie, whose little boys Aston (9th July) and Rhys’ (21st August) were also sadly taken too soon.

Lauren will be hiding a number of butterflies around Wiltshire and Katie will be hiding a number of butterflies around South Yorkshire.




  • • We are in need of PURPLE/LILAC (only) butterflies either crocheted or knitted.

You can find these butterflies via the links below.

Please send these to the P.O. Box 1302, Crawley RH10 0NU BEFORE the 7th June.



  • • It would be AMAZING if we could get our butterflies spread throughout the UK. If you are able to make your own butterflies AND distribute them within your local area, please contact us for more information using THIS form.



  • • Are you or your family or friend a parent? Would you like your baby or childs name attached to one of our butterflies? If so, please fill out THIS form.



  • All donated butterflies must be at the PO Box address by 7th June.
  • We will be hiding the butterflies from the 15th of June around Wiltshire
  • We will be hiding the butterflies from the 22nd of June around West Sussex
  • We will be hiding the butterflies from the 29th of June around South Yorkshire
  • Our volunteers will hide their butterflies in their local areas from the 6th of July



Welcome! If you have found a butterfly, please take a photo of your butterfly and upload it to your social media account and either Tag us or # #ubwrok #uponbutterflywings #bobbyastonrhys10thbirthdayraok OR upload it to our Facebook page. If you do not have social media, please email us.

Please let us know where you found your butterfly and if it has a special name attached to it.