Bobby’s Beanies Keepsake Bags

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BOBBY’S BEANIES KEEPSAKE BAGS – preserving memories

Having something physical to remember your baby by becomes very important when all you have are memories.

Most hospitals now provide memory boxes to parents who have lost their baby over a certain age, but if you have lost your baby early on or if your hospital does not have the funds or the storage, you may not be so lucky.

My son Bobby was born silently in 2009 at 22 weeks and I was sent home with just a print out about miscarriages in a brown A4 envelope. When I had my missed miscarriage – a decade later and in a different hospital – again, I was sent home with a print out about miscarriages and ‘what to expect’, not even in an envelope.

To fill the void that I felt, I went out and bought my own box of which, I wrapped in wrapping paper and filled with everything and anything that had his name on it or that reminded me of him.

For those of you like myself who need ‘something’ – whether your baby was born recently or years ago – our keepsake bags are simple but beautiful and of course are handmade with love.

Our bags are designed to be a keepsake; to either store a few trinkets in or to place within an existing memory box.

You are able to personalise your bag by choosing which colour hat you’d prefer – white, lemon, green, lilac, blue, pink or multicoloured. All of our hats are the same micro size in order to provide continuity and are available as a single hat or multiple hat; depending upon your need.

The contents of our keepsakes are completely FREE however, we do charge for postage. To order your free keepsake bag, please click HERE to order via our shop. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery. 

Our keepsake bags consist of the following:
* A Keepsake Beanie Hat/s in your choice of colour
* A matching Handmade Butterfly
* A Tea Light
* ‘In Loving Memory Of’ card
* ‘Upon Butterfly Wings’ Non Religious Poem


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Please note that the above services are only for UK residents.

If you live within the US or Australia and are in need of this service, please contact Project Robby (US) or Chance’s Clothes Project (AUS)