Hospice Care

Thank you for taking the time to view our website. We hope that you will find what you are looking for and that we can help you to help your parents and babies, who sadly find themselves in your care. 

Whilst we donate preemie clothing, blankets and more to the NHS and funeral homes, our work with the hospice is slightly different.

We understand that visits are often planned and so we can provide items suitable for both baby and their parents in the form of an overnight kitWe hope that by doing so, it takes away a certain amount of pressure and brings about a sense of ‘normality’ to their time at your retreat.

Through feedback and discussion we are able to provide the following within our pack, absolutely free to your hospice.


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These packs are suitable from 20 weeks gestation to newborn babies and are presented in a large organza bag for easy storage:

  • Two Hats
  • A Blanket
  • A Cardigan
  • A Burial Gown made from a donated Wedding Gown
  • A Pair of Booties
  • A Baby Grow – +37 weeks only
  • A Nappy – +37 weeks only
  • A Pair of Wash Cloths
  • Travel Toiletries – for the parents to use during their stay


To view the work which we can provide, please have a look through this website or if you have access, take a look at our FacebookInstagram or Twitter accounts.

If you would like UBW to donate to you, please contact us below to discuss.

Although all of our donations are free to you, it cost us £5.00 to post a fully loaded box. Any contributions towards our postal costs would be very appreciated.

Thank you


Box Full of Donations


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