The following patterns and websites are recommended by us, as the sizing and items are correct for what we need. 

You are welcome to use your own patterns but please adjust them to fit our babies. You can find our size charts on our website. Please only use white, cream and pastel colours. 


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Our babies can be born anywhere between 8 to 36 weeks gestation, ranging from a few ounces to 5lbs+ in weight. 

The items which we require for our babies are listed below and should be made in white, cream and pastel colours ONLY:

  • Hats and Bonnets
  • Blankets 
  • Booties and Nappies
  • WrapsPockets, Sleep Suits and Cocoons
  • Gowns, Tabards, Kimonos and Rompers
  • Cardigans and Jackets
  • Cribs – with blankets and pillows
  • Teddies – 3 inches to 6 inch in height only
  • Butterflies 

Our most suitable patterns for the above are shown below – however; you are free to use any pattern found on google as long as they are within the size and colour limitations that we require:

Our favourite preemie websites are shared below. (click on the names to follow the link)



All hats, booties, cardigans and wash cloths must be made in either white or cream and all blankets and teddies made in either white, cream or lilac.

This items are mainly used for babies born from 24 weeks up to full term, so please feel free to use the patterns linked in the above section as well as the patterns linked below.

The items required for our hospice babies are as follows: PLEASE NOTE THAT WE HAVE NO REQUIREMENT FOR HOSPICE ITEMS AT PRESENT – JUNE 19

  • Hats
  • Blankets
  • Booties
  • Burial Gowns – sewn only 
  • Cardigans
  • Teddies – 5 inches to 9 inch in height only
  • 2x Wash Cloths – white only 

Our most suitable patterns are shown below:


We provide parents and families with two types of keepsakes: Bobby’s Beanies Keepsake Bag and our Keepsake Blanket Set.
These hats will not be used on a baby because they are too small and are designed as a keepsake item only. We do however need white hats as many parents who request our keepsakes, sadly do not know the gender of their baby.
Please use white, cream, pastels, rainbow and freckle colours and patterns.
We use one hat and a single butterfly for a single loss and two/three hats and the multiple loss butterfly for our multiple losses. Please consider making matching hats and butterflies for this purpose. 

Please only use the patterns below for our keepsake items:


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UBW are unable to accept the following items. We are a bereavement service which donate to babies who have sadly died. We do not donate to neonatal units for babies who are living. Please contact PreemiesUK if you wish to make and donate for the neonatal babies. Thank you. 

  • Octopuses
  • Neonatal ventilation hats and traffic light hats
  • Bonding Squares
  • Red, dark yellow, black, grey and brown coloured items
  • Newborn and 0-3 month hats, booties and clothing