Urgent Care Packages

Although we offer you a warm welcome to Upon Butterfly Wings, we are also sorry that you find yourself looking through our website. But please know that you are not alone for I have been where you are now.

We hope that you find what you are looking for within this site but if you don’t please contact us directly so we can help you or put you in the right direction.


URGENT CARE PACKAGE – for hospital or burial ONLY (these are not memory items)

Should you know that your baby is to be born sleeping and you need something suitable for your time at the hospital or if you are unable to find something suitable enough to dress baby in for when they are laid to rest, UBW are here to help.

All of our Care Packages are sent Next Day Delivery and the contents of our Care Packages are FREE but a small donation via our PayPal is most welcome.

Please note this service is only for UK residents. If you live within the US or Australia and are in need of this service, please contact Project Robby (US) or Chance’s Clothes Project (AUS)


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Donation Towards an Urgent Butterfly Care Package