Hi there. My name is Lucy and I am Mum to Bobby, my rainbow Sophie and my two little stars. I am also the Founder of Upon Butterfly Wings (UBW).

UBW was founded back in 2011 and has since successfully donated thousands of knitted, crocheted and sewn clothing, blankets, cribs and teddies to hospitals, mortuaries, hospices and bereavement services across the UK. Our items are specially designed for babies from as young as 8 weeks gestation all the way through to the neonatal period. 

I have myself experienced three losses in total; an early natural miscarriage in December 2012, a missed miscarriage in December 2018 which resulted in a D&C procedure early January 2019 and the silent birth of my son at 22 weeks in 2009.

My second Little Star – December 2018

I founded UBW to give his death a purpose. My arms were empty and my mind racing. I needed to something to keep me busy. It was my way of grieving. 

Care was very different back in 2009 and my own experience wasn’t pleasant. I did not want other Mothers to feel guilt or that their baby had not been recognised fully because it had been born ‘too early’.

Bobby died after a water infection caused my waters to break at 19 weeks pregnant. Despite my concerns, I was not listened to and at 22+1, I woke as usual to discover that his umbilical cord had prolapsed through my cervix. By law he was not ‘viable’ and so although alive when I arrived by ambulance, he was left inside of me until his death and then induction to deliver him began.

Bobby’s Perfect Prints
Through fear of what he would look like and being misinformed that he would be the size of my hand, I chose not to see him. Once home, I decided that I did want to meet him and so three days later, I visited him alone at the hospitals mortuary.
I spent 45 minutes holding him. Sadly back then camera phones were a thing of the future and so I did not think to take a photo of him or us. All I have are his prints and the two singular photos which the hospital took whilst in their care.
He was presented to me wrapped in a pale green fleece blanket and dressed in a tiny white tabard with little yellow ducks on, but he had a little bare head.

It was however a huge comfort as the issue of clothing him had not once crossed my mind.
I later found out however, whilst speaking to the mortuary assistant after delivering our first box to them, that the only reason Bobby had those two items were due to his partner making them in her spare time. I sadly discovered that Bobby had not been buried in ‘his’ blanket, as due to supply and demand issues at the time, they had to reuse it on another baby.

Roll on a decade and thankfully 98% of the babies out there are treated correctly, no matter how many weeks they may have lived inside of their Mums tummies. Our aim is that no parent feels alone and that every baby is wrapped in love.

UBW donates to hospitals, funeral homes, children’s hospices and parents via our two main ‘projects’:

The ‘Bobby’s Beanies’ project which is a keepsake service, providing parents and families with a BEAUTIFUL little keepsake bag containing a handmade beanie hat, a matching butterfly, poem and tea light. These are sent directly to parents and families who have experienced the loss of a baby at any gestation, free of charge. You do not need to be new to this life; these are free to all who has ever lost a baby. We also have the privilege of donating box full of our bags to hospitals, for them to hand out to their parents so they do not go home totally empty handed.

We now also provide a keepsake in the form of a blanket and hat, in the size of what your baby was born. Please contact us to discuss either or both of our keepsakes.

The ‘Knitted Wing’s’ Clothing project provide hospitals, funeral homes, children’s hospices and neonatal units with handmade hats, blankets, gowns, pockets, tiny cribs, keepsakes and more as and when needed. These are designed especially for babies lost from 8 weeks gestation all the way through to 34 weeks. 

Sadly it is not cheap to run a non-profit and so I make and sell little items with the sole purpose to help raise funds towards the costs of running a non-profit organisation via our little shop. There is a variety of gifts available to purchase; the Wave of Light tea light holders being especially popular in recent years.

If you work for the NHS or a baby loss organisation and you are interested in us donating directly to you, or if you are a parent who would like one of our keepsakes; you can contact me via any of the means below:

Email: enquiries@uponbutterflywings.org.uk
Website: http://www.uponbutterflywings.org.uk
Facebook: uponbutterflywings
Instagram: @uponbutterflywings

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